Different Types of Towbars.

Swan neck towbars, flangeball towbars and detachable towbars

If you are thinking of adding a towbar to your car, it is imperative that you have the right knowledge regarding what towbars are and what are their different types, before you go and make your purchase.  


Although you might think that all tow bars are exactly the same, you might be amazed to find out that there are three distinct kinds of towbars and they are the swan neck, two bolt flangeball and detachable towbar. Here is a brief introduction of the three types of tow bars, so you could have a better understanding of them. Read on.  


swan neck towbar

  1. Swan Neck – This type of towbar is available from Speedy Towbar, and looks basically the same as that of the detachable variant; however, the swan neck comes with a permanent and stable fitting. The advantage of the swan neck is that the electrics are not that visible as compared to the two bolt flangeball. However, this type of towbar can potentially get in the way with parking sensors and it also has inadequate cycle carrier options and is a bit difficult to get with electrics.





two bolt flangeball towbar


  1. Two Bolt Flangeball – This is a fixed variant and is very common. This variant can offer you with unrestricted cycle carrier options; numerous coupling options and the towing electrics of the two bolt flangeball are very easy to use. The only disadvantage of this variant is that, the towballs and electrics are visible at all times. It can potentially conflict with parking sensors as well.




detachable towbar

  1. Detachable Towbar – The functionality of this variant is basically the same as that of a fixed or permanent tow bar; however, the towballs and neck can be easily removed immediately after towing. The appearance of this variant is more attractive as compared to the other two above mentioned and will not interfere with parking sensors. The only problem is that, the electrics of this variant is a bit hard to access and this is also a bit costly.





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