The Importance of Quality Lismore School Education

How do you chose the “right school” for your child? What is your focus? Do you believe that “quality education” can bring about a positive change in your child? If your answer is yes, then BHC Lismore School is just the place to bring your child to in order to ensure a better future and all round development.


Trying to decide on which school to admit your child in to achieve “excellence in education” is the toughest call a parent has to take. The curriculum at Lismore Schools is of international standards and caters to students providing a wide-ranging variety of teaching abilities. Our academicians are highly qualified and experienced individuals, whose only focal point is tutoring and coaching each student with the same degree of dedication.

With complete emphasis on imparting education to children that gives them a “headstart” in life, Lismore Schools also focus on providing an environment fostering care and support. Your children become more conscientious and better people. Their future is in the right hands and we mould them for years together to bring out the best in them. In order to provide your child the “best education” standards, Lismore Schools endeavour to work symbiotically with parents and guardians to understand the needs of a child better. The focus is individually on each child and our teachers ensure all learning challenges are met systematically.


Since the priority of an Adventist School is to impart “quality education” to all its students, we at Lismore have realised that this is not possible without combining both sports and academics. Sports are also responsible for the all round mental and physical growth of a child. We also emphasize on participation in extracurricular activities. This makes the learning process more interesting and students from Lismore Schools are encouraged to be spirited and take part in state level competitions.

Parents-teacher meetings are the best measure of a child’s progress. It is in meeting like this you can formally discuss and be abreast of your child’s academic and personal “growth” graph. This is also like a formal feedback where you can discuss any concerns regarding your child with the relevant teacher in question.

Our campuses are equipped with all the modern amenities required to ensure a conducive learning environment and students are kept up to date with the availability of all types of modern technologies as well.




school teacher with students