Planning Music for Your Wedding - Live String Quartet VS iPod, things to consider

escala sring quartet playing live musicA wedding is the most special occasion in the life of a couple and most people likes to keep their wedding very eventful, classy and something to remember. People get married at different venues, decorate the venue according to different themes and use everything they have to make their wedding stand out from others. A wedding is also a way of giving your love and relationship the band of commitment.

All your friends and family are around to share your joy and happiness on this day and you would certainly want to make this a memorable occasion.


For lots of people music is a form of expression of love and commitment and they use different types of music for their weddings. Wedding music can be played through your DVD, iPod, a live DJ on the floor or by opting to hire string quartet musicians like to play live. Guests at a wedding usually enjoy live music. So whether the bride is walking down the aisle or you are dancing with the bride and groom post the wedding vows, a string quartet like String Musicians Australia gives you the touch of being very personal in the way they touch your heart. You can even customize the music and dedicate something special to your wonderful spouse.


Some people who like to personalize the occasion use a live string quartet. A string quartet is simply a group of four people on two violins, one viola and one cello that play live music. The music could be anything ranging from a traditional classical piece, to modern pop music. This string quartet usually has well trained and experienced musicians who have played extensively at orchestras and professional music events. Given the wide range of music that can be played by the string quartet for wedding ceremonies - see, people usually choose to have them, to make an occasion look and feel more beautiful and personal for your spouse, family and friends.